Bastiano's story


Bastiano's story

In July 1978 the land of La Selva placed its trust in a young 24 years old boy. This decision revealed winning, because that year the young boy won the race. His Name is Silvano Vigni, but for Siena and his fans he will be named Bastiano.
A serene kindness and the smile of a boy characterize a sure, confident and a well-balanced man, with a great sense of irony. A man who wants to live life to the full and who loves his land and his origins.

"I am the son of farmers. For me to be called "The farmer" isn't an insult. I am very proud about my tie with the land, or better, with my land."

"When a jockey realize that the horse he rides is not a winning horse, he starts the race without run any risk, not running fast and slowing down. So it is now and so it was when I was a boy. I have always risked a lot, either I would ride the strongest or the weakest horse in the race. I have aver been a jockey that would like to fight until the last breath, risking and obtaining much more than those who don't fight.
I would like to fight both with the first and with the last horse; often, riding the horse in the race, I was looking for impossible and difficult trajectories hoping to win, considering my height and my weight."

"A good jockey must have three qualities: brain, heart and training. If just one of this is missing, you are nobody!"

"Emotion that you fell cutting the starting line is always unique... inside the line you can heard a cocoon-like noise, some soft word, a low shouting and the noise of horse's hoof, no more. Going out of the starting line is like a flash of light, an emotion that passes through you and your first thought is to win and to fight till the end."

"...emotion that take you when you cross the finishing line, you achieve your dream and realize the dream of those who would believe in you, who gave you the horse for the win. You run towards the crowd, and you share with this whirl of people the enthusiasm of the win, of your win."




First race:
Selva July 3rd 1978 with Panezio.

Selva, July 1978
Selva, Sept. 7th 1980
Acquila, July 1981
Leocorno, July 1983
Giraffa, July 1990

Total races done: 30


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